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Methodological Design

This will be an important post, containing my methodological design. I didn't think a pdf/ppt presentation was needed for this because it has to be readable and easy to access. So this post will contain the Analysis Model, Chronogram/Phases of the Study, Data Collection Instruments/Participants in the study and, as a small extra, a preview of some of the questions i'm thinking to put in the questionnaire. So let's begin:


Analysis Model



Chronogram/Phases of the Study




Data Collection Instruments/Participants in the Survey


Since this will be a focused survey, its participants are already defined: the Erasmus students staying at the University of Aveiro during this year. To get the most possible answers, each of the students will be e-mailed a website link. This link will lead them to an online version of the questionnaire, which they should then fill-in and submit.

The data collected from this survey will then be used to determine if the target audience is comfortable with uploading photos/videos onto a website, and also to verify which are the themes they consider most relevant to feature in the documentary. They will also be asked if they are interested in participating in the documentary and in viewing the final result.

The survey itself will contain only a few questions, so it can be answered quickly and maintain the participants focused.

The approach to the target audience can then be revised accordingly to the characteristics they demonstrated in the questionnaire, and the themes to be worked on will also come from the most voted/most referenced in this inquiry.


Possible Questions for the Survey


please note that these are just examples, they still have to be worked on!



Age/Sex/Country of Origin/Study Area

How would you globally evaluate your Erasmus experience in Aveiro so far?

What do you like the most in the Erasmus program?

Is your life in Aveiro very different from your life in your country?

Where are the biggest differences?

Have you ever uploaded a video/photo onto a website?

Do you know how to add tags to a video or photo?

Do you know what YouTube is?

Would you be comfortable enough to upload a video onto YouTube if you had to?

Would you be interested in participating in a web documentary featuring the Erasmus community in Aveiro?

Would you be interested in viewing a web documentary featuring the Erasmus community in Aveiro?

Can you suggest a few themes would you like to see portrayed in this kind of documentary?


Comments and suggestions are appreciated!


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Expected results

I didn't go to the last Project class, but since I saw so many people posting their expected results/chronogram i thought it must be a task for this week :P so here is a little text describing my expected results, and my chronogram was posted last week (but i will post an updated version tomorrow, along with my methodological design).


So, without further delay, here are my expected results:

Expected Results

There are several results expected from this study: one of them is the production and public release of the documentary which is the basis of this project. This documentary should contain user-generated content from the Erasmus students along with contextualization footage, to create a solid storyline which should describe some of their experiences during their stay in Aveiro. 

Other results are related with answering the research questions, providing a reliable theoretical framework that could be used as a starting point for other projects if their theme is similar. The theoretical framework should also

Overall, the documentary should characterize the Erasmus community and their living in Aveiro, and the theory should describe the making of the documentary and provide useful information for creating web documentaries based in user-generated content, and focused on specific communities.

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My name is Hugo Branquinho.

I'm 22 years old, currently taking a Master's degree in Multimedia and Communications - Digital Audiovisual. This blog is where i describe my 2nd (and hopefully the last) year in it, where i write a dissertation about the I am Erasmus project.

I'm a multimedia artist (or at least i try) whose passions include everything that relates to video, motion graphics, animation, illustration, photography, multimedia.

You can take a look at my personal website and personal blog (they are currently under construction, so here's the link to my YouTube folio). You can also take a look at my deviantArt webpage.

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