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Updates, decisions and issues

Hello again.


After what was a somewhat long pause in updating this blog (a bit more than a whole month), i am back, and with a lot of updates.

Firstly, I had to do a lot of decisions concerning my immediate future. I had a few personal problems these holidays, which ended up messing my head, so I didn't write anything at all during those days. I proceeded to come to Aveiro, to try and concentrate myself, so I could write what I needed until the 20th this month.


Yeah right.


I really did try though, but my inspiration/will/focus didn't seem to appear, making me spend a week staring blankly at my laptop's screen, with only a few pages written. I started getting desperate, and eventually freezing my current registration was one of the ideas crossing my mind. Seen as it would be a very important decision, I consulted with my immediate family, which of course supported me no matter what the final decision was, but made me see that, with all the work I endured so far, it would be a shame giving up with nearly 6 months to go. I also consulted with my coordinator, prof. Raposo, who also supported my decisions.

So i decided to go to the appeal phase, giving me until 3rd February to finish my investigation plan and theoretical framework (on which I am working now).


Looking onwards and backwards into what I did the past semester, and what I'm about to do:


The I Am Erasmus Project


There were a few problems with the project this first semester. I was assigned a person who was supposed to help me, Jorge Viegas, which ended up giving up, leaving me to do build the site and find solutions for the community on my own. That slowed down things a bit, but it was worked around.

Another major issue had to do with the video platform (still). I went into talks with the folks working on Sapo Campus, which were going to provide a personalized page, able to grab non-compressed video. But that implied talks with the motherhouse, SAPO, which took a long time, making us go for our 2nd choice, Youtube, which has a few problems: the user who will upload will have admin access to the account, and the videos will be compressed (but we will be able to download a .mp4 version, which is better than nothing).

At the moment, i'm developing a Youtube upload guide, which will be mailed to the Erasmus students along with a questionnaire based on the questions i've already described. Other than that, I'm trying to write as much as I can.


The Project & Seminar Classes


Leonardo Pereira, Mónica Aresta, Margarida Almeida, Rui Raposo, Benjamin Junior. These were the people which presentations i enjoyed the most. Leonardo gave us an overview on his last year writing a thesis, and the problems that arose. Mónica showed us a few investigational techniques, while Margarida Almeida made us pose important questions about our own projects. Rui Raposo gave us an overview about the concept of ubiquity, and Benjamin Junior described the history of SAPO and possible technological futures.

Overall, the classes were very useful, because they helped us organize ideas and methods to use in our projects.

The only thing I need to point out in a negative way is the lack of feedback provided. We were asked to share our updates, feelings, and useful information for the community, but the feedback received was very little, and mostly from our colleagues. It would have been nice to see that we were not alone, and that people really read what we wrote, not leaving us in the dark.


So, onwards to writing, and sorry for the testament :p


Just a final note: i frickin' hate this blog system, which logs me out if i don't write in a determined timeframe, which eventually caused me to have to rewrite half this post again. 

Who Am I?


My name is Hugo Branquinho.

I'm 22 years old, currently taking a Master's degree in Multimedia and Communications - Digital Audiovisual. This blog is where i describe my 2nd (and hopefully the last) year in it, where i write a dissertation about the I am Erasmus project.

I'm a multimedia artist (or at least i try) whose passions include everything that relates to video, motion graphics, animation, illustration, photography, multimedia.

You can take a look at my personal website and personal blog (they are currently under construction, so here's the link to my YouTube folio). You can also take a look at my deviantArt webpage.

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